Drag & Drop Feature About To Go Live

We have been testing the new drag and drop feature in our testing environment and the early on response is an overwhelming THANK YOU!. Apparently, it's a big deal. 

Well, we agree. In the past, making a move within the structure you created wasn't an option. That's all about to change.

Expect the release to be live in your Doc&Do account shortly. We'll provide you with a nice tutorial on how to use the feature so you can finally get the structure changes you've been wanting but you wouldn't spend the time it took the old way. We get it... And now you'll get what you want. The ETA is Friday, March 17 and barring any lingering bugs, it will be live then.

Expect a big announcement upon it's release.

What is the status of this feature? Thanks!

Here is that feature Keith! It's called "Re-Arrange" and it is applicable to any entity that you are the owner or that you are an administrator to. Have fun with it! 


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