To create a new account:

1. Select Individual (avoid Organization as it's similar and not needed)

2. Enter your First and Last Name

3. Enter your best email

4. Set your country, if not US.

5. Create your username. We highly recommend you use your first and last name mashed together (i.e., John Smith = johnsmith), if it's still available.

6. Create a password and confirm it.

7. Select Social Network as we do not use this feature at this time.

8. Check the box for Terms and Conditions (read first).

9. Select "Sign Up" and you will get an email to the address you used.

10. Confirm your email by selecting "Confirm Your Email" from your email system.

11. Login with your "Username" and "Password". Note: You cannot login with your email address. You must use your username.)

NOTE: If you do not receive a confirmation email, please open a ticket and we'll help you get logged in.