1. To change the current plan you are on, navigate to Account Settings and select the "Plan Info" tab.
  2. Your current plan is displayed and the amount of resources you have are also displayed. You can check the current consumption against your plan stats to see where you stand.
  3. To change a plan, simply select the edit icon (#1) adjacent your plan. Select the new plan you want and continue through the checkout process.
  • Note: In order to downgrade, you must not be using more resources than the lower plan allows. If this is the case, you will be given an error message that states, please remove resources, like removing users, deleting files or other types of reductions based on reviewing where you are over the limit of the new plan. You can always submit a ticket stating you want to lower your plan but you have an error about resources and we'll send you back the necessary actions.
  • Important: We cannot access your account other than to see resource utilization (statistics only). Only you can remove content from your Entities or users or files. We can assist you by letting you know what resource category requires a reduction and by how much.