1. To add a template, navigate to Account Settings and select the "Templates" tab. 
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select the "Template Gallery" button
  • You are presented with public templates. You can scroll through the list of templates, search by category (#1), or even locate private templates (#2) that you have been granted access to via a special code they provide. To Preview a template, simply hover over a template and you'll see "Preview" (#3) and "Use" (#4) boxes appear at the bottom of them. Select "Preview" to view.
  • To use a template, hover over that template and select "Use". You can also select "Download" when you are in Preview mode with a template. A dialogue box appears
    1. Select the check box "Load template within existing entity". All your entities that exist in this account appear.
    2. Select the radial button of the desired entity you want to add the template to; OR
    3. Add a new Entity all together by selecting "Add Entity" check box and typing in a name. Then select that new entity.
    4. Select "Load" and then exit out of everything.
    5. Lastly, refresh your tab on your browser to build the template into that entity. Now navigate to that entity and you new function(s) from that template will be available to select and edit.