A Company, division, department, location or any top level point of management you decide. Most small businesses would use Entity for their main legally named business and potentially add multiple locations independently so they can be differentiated for different reasons. A business coach can assist with strategizing this.


When logged into your account, you will create your first Entity or modify the template you may have imported on your first login. Add or change the name of the entity by selecting the gear directly below the search box (#1 below) and it’s either Your name Personal, or something else you may have changed it to. NOTE: If you are in an organization account, you should add your personal username to this Entity by selecting the "crowd icon" next to Entity name while still in edit Entity mode. Type in your username in the space provided. When you see you, select the add next to your name, then select the “Admin” role and select Add again. You are now an Admin to this company and can work in the Entity when you login as yourself. You would only need to do this when you have a separate organization account from your individual account. 

Entity Creation

Steps to create:

  1. Login to Organization Account
  2. Select the Gear as shown in above image. Note: You will then see a list of the Entities you created and those you were invited to participate in as shown in image below.
  3. Insert your cursor where it says “Add New Entity” in the Figure below, item “1″.
  4. Type in Name you want, you can change it later.
  5. Click “Add Entity” as shown next to arrow below.
  6. To change an Entity’s name, click the pencil icon next to the Entity (item “2″). Make your edits and select the check mark next to it.
  7. Item “3″ depicts an Entity you were invited to that you cannot edit.

**ALERT** If you do not have the resources available to create another Entity, you can upgrade your plan or contact support for higher plan pricing information.

add entity