The file type content was created so you can build organization around items that are file intensive. Things like all your entity organization files (articles of incorporation, stock ledgers, resolutions and such), employee/vendor/client contracts, invoice documents, financial records and more. The function you create allows you to break down your function into a table of contents with structure that makes sense for you. While our standard template is helpful for you to get started, you can add new, modify or delete anything in your Entity or that you are following as a manager or higher.

The center pane is where you build your hierarchy of your logic. We like to think of this as your table of contents where you can group things together should you decide to do so, or simply use as a list.


  1. Function/Hierarchy Title – can be edited anytime by selecting the edit icon to the right.
  2. Description – Used to describe the Function of 1st order hierarchy item if that’s what’s selected.
  3. Hierarchy Structure – Build anything you desire here in terms of a structured table of contents.
  4. Followers – Add followers to your Function and they will be able to see all the hierarchy and content items contained in this view.
  5. Settings – Add a 1st level hierarchy item or show any hidden items.
  6. Add sub items, hide, delete or add followers – Perform any of these functions from the pull down menu and it applies to that item and all of it’s children items.

The file type function has the following items that make up your content:

  1. Menu with following items:
    • Upload files – lots of file types, but no executable files allowed
    • Tags – customize to your needs
    • Print – not active in file type function
    • File History – shows all previous file versions when you replace a file
    • Reminders – set reminders for any purpose and add followers if desired
    • Media/Supporting Documents – great for video explanations, images, etc.
    • Comments – Let others know what’s happening or needed
    • Owner of Content – displays the owner of this content section
    • Revision History – Shows what people have taken any action in section
    • Followers – Shows people following this content (note: users and guests cannot see other users and guests for security purposes, they can only see managers and admins)
  2. Edit Title/Description – You can edit the title of the hierarchy item here as well as the description.
  3. Title/Description – Displays the title and description of the hierarchy item.