New Billing System Coming Online Soon.

 As the needs of the business evolve, we needed to assess our current billing system and in doing so realized a change was needed. In development right now is a new billing system that will support our desire to be flexible in our addressing your needs. Not everyone has the same requirements so we want to be sure we provide custom solutions to larger organizations that have needs unique to them. While our regular plans meet the needs of most businesses, we realized that both start-ups and 50 plus employee organizations had needs different than what we offer. So we are in the process of fixing that.

Expect to see that change over the next few weeks.

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Update on new billing system. It is with great pleasure that we are rolling out our new billing system to make for a better customer experience and we've completed it! What our new system affords us is the ability to respond to your needs and you've spoken. You have asked for a smaller "personal" types of plans because many of you are invited guests to another business's content and you wanted to use this for yourself and in some cases for personal reasons. 

Introducing the "Personal" and "Personal Lite" plans by Doc&Do. These plans are at or below $4/mo and they are geared towards your personal needs and also address the needs of many small home based businesses, especially those that do network marketing. You have lots of processes and documentation that your respective companies provide, but you have your own unique way of executing. That's always the case, and now you can customize how "YOU" do business so you can easily share it with your team. As you grow, you can always get more resources, and for now, we've got you covered with a plan that fits any budget.

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